At the Corner House Dental we believe in high-quality dentistry at affordable prices.

We also believe that our patients should be given all the information available when making a decision about their treatment plans. We understand that in order to do so our patients need to be aware of the fees and financial options available when it comes to deciding on a procedure.

For a list of fees please see below.

Private pay as you go
New Patient examination
X-rays (per X-ray)
Hygienist (30 Minutes)
CT Scan one arch
Both Arches
Referred consultation
Cosmetic consultation
Extended Routine SP
£299.00 (90 min treatment time)
Moderate Periodontal treatment
£420.00 (2 hour treatment time)
Advanced Periodontal
(4.5 hours treatment time)
Fissure sealants
Fluoride application
Fillings – Composite
Small: £49.50-£99.00
Medium: £99.00-£130.00
Large: £130.00-£180.00
Fillings – Amalgam
Small: £49.50
Medium: £66.00
Large: £130.00
Tooth whitening consultation
Boutique home whitening
Boutique in house whitening
Boutique complete whitening
Boutique top up syringes
Root Fillings start from
£220.00 incisor plus filling
£265.00 pre molar plus filling
£385.00 molar plus filling
All ceramic
Porcelain bonded crowns (precious)
Porcelain bonded crowns
Post for crown
Gold crown
Re cem crown/bridge
£65.00 minimum fee
Re Cem implant crown
£100.00 minimum fee
Re Cem implant crown
(placed at CH)
No charge
£375.00 composite unit
£450.00 ceramic unit
£600.00 gold unit
Bridge work
Maryland bridge
Bridge retainer
Bridge pontic
Laboratory made temp bridge
following tooth loss
£140.00 up to 3 units
Laboratory made temp bridge
following tooth loss
£30.00 per additional unit
IV Sedation
£180.00 per hour
1st Extraction start from
2nd Extraction in same
3rd and subsequent extractions
in same appointment
Wisdom tooth extraction
Surgical extraction
Full upper OR lower acrylic
Full upper and lower acrylic
Partial acrylic denture
£485.00 (up to four teeth)
Partial acrylic denture
£500.00 (more than four teeth)
Velplast denture
Chrome cobalt denture
Chrome cobalt denture U&L
Temporary denture following
tooth loss where requires
Night guard
Bite Analysis
Implant consultation
Implants start from
6 month Smiles
Short term orthodontics
£2900.00 both arches
£2900.00 single arch
Emergency call out fee
during evening, weekends and
bank holiday
Treatments during the
emergency call out
appointments starts from
A follow up appointment for facial rejuvenation treatments (usually 2 weeks later for any touch ups) are included in the prices above. Call out emergency for week night evenings and weekends is £240.00 for call out which will include consult and prescription, any additional treatment starts from £50.00. We have produced this scale of fees to give you an idea of the approximate costs of some of our regular treatments. We will provide a printed estimate for all future treatment plans at your examination appointment. We hope you find it helpful. If you have any other questions please ask at reception. These prices were reviewed on 5th March 2014 We offer a wide range of payment methods, including interest-free credit option making it easy for our patients to pay for their regular dental care or cosmetic treatment.

* The new patient examination is only available for free 3 months after signing up to our membership scheme. We require approximately 3 months to process the membership documentation.

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