Over the Easter period, it is likely that your kids will be indulging in a lot of sweet foods, no doubt including chocolate eggs. Why not try to counter this will a few healthier alternatives for their teeth? We have listed some of these below….



Cheese – Cheese and dairy products are famously good for your teeth. It neutralises the plaque acid in your mouth and stimulates the production of saliva, which in turn, cleanses your mouth of unwanted lingering food particles. Research has found that cheese can even prevent cavities for this reason! The calcium found in dairy products also helps to keep your tooth enamel strong and resistant to damage.


Vitamin C – Vitamin C can strengthen blood vessels as well as reduce inflammation which will help your gums stay heathy. Maintaining healthy gums is vital to preventing gingivitis, which can cause wider health issues if not addressed. Good sources of Vitamin C are oranges, kiwis, broccoli and kale. If you find it is a huge struggle to get your child to eat these foods, you can also try supplements.


Water – If your child has been eating lots of chocolate, try to encourage them to take gulps of water following this. Water will wash away the acids that are omitted when they consume such foods and lower the chances of their tooth enamel becoming damaged.


If you are worried about your child’s dental hygiene, why not arrange a scale and polish with the hygienist here at Cornerhouse? This involves a deep clean of their teeth, removing tenacious plaque and tartar that coats the protective tooth enamel coating, which is essential in preventing cavities. Once a person’s tooth enamel has worn away, it is impossible to restore. This is why preventative dentistry is essential – your child will not need restorative dentistry later on in life if preventative steps have been taken from a young age.



If you would like to arrange a check-up or a visit to the hygienist for a scale and polish, please do to hesitate to contact us.


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