Dental teeth whitening wedding tips for grooms in Norwich


Are you about to become a groom this summer? If the answer is yes, here are some dental teeth whitening wedding tips for grooms in Norwich.

Teeth whitening

It’s not just women who want to look good in those wedding day photos. Men can also be self conscious about their looks too. If you are a groom in Norwich who is worried about discoloured teeth here are some quick ways to get this fixed.

Natural ways to whiten your teeth at home
Try using the award winning ‘Readers Choice of 2013 and 2012’ home whitening strips like Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips. A number of dentists recommend using them at least six hours after brushing and drying your teeth with a tissue before applying the strips.
At home whitening
A home kit takes approximately 2 weeks. Using your bleaching trays overnight nightly or if you do not get on with the bleaching trays overnight, then for an hour or more before bedtime, after you have eaten, every day for two weeks.

After two weeks you have the option to add in house bleaching; this gives the best results but is not compulsory.

At the First appointment: impressions of your teeth are taken in order to have bleaching trays made, this takes fifteen minutes.
The Second appointment is usually ten days later when your bleaching trays will be ready and you will be given your trays along with a ten minute bleaching instructions appointment.
Two weeks later you will receive a 10 minute appointment with your dentist to see whether you are happy with your results, with the option to have an additional in house bleaching if you would like to get an even whiter result.
In house dental whitening
In house (in surgery) bleaching takes approximately one hour and is the quickest way to whiten those teeth if you are short for time.
Wedding day breath fresheners
There is nothing worse than having to kiss the bride and meet and greet family and friends knowing or even not knowing that you have bad breath. Here are some essentials you might want to keep handy or get your best man to keep for you on your big occasion.
Why not have some fresh mints so none of your guests have to worry about bad breath? Consider a dark chocolate with natural mint flavours such as After Eights. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants that fight bad breath-causing bacteria to accumulate in the mouth, and the natural mint improves the breath. Why not choose a mint ice cream dessert so that you and your guests have so you and your guests can enjoy that special day without worrying about bad breath.
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