Start 2015 with the “All-On-Four” solution at Corner House Dental

Do you have a cracked, chipped or missing tooth that needs replacing? If so, why not start 2015 by booking a dental appointment at Corner House Dental where you can get new teeth in one day.

The “All-on-Four” solution is a great way for patients wanting to get rid of their dentures, and for people with failing teeth who want to restore their smile in just 24 hours.

This procedure requires four dental implants per jaw to support a full set of replacement teeth. The entire “All-on-Four” treatment is completed while the patient is comfortably asleep using sedation dentistry, the patient won’t feel any pain and will wake up with their full set of teeth.

Advantages of choosing the ‘All-on-Four’ solution?

*The procedure is pain free

* Patients can enjoy their chosen favourite foods such as steaks or bread rolls, in their favourite restaurants without the hassle, frustrations and constant worry that their teeth or dentures will come loose or fall out.

* The “All-On-Four procedure not only provides the comfort and security a patient is likely to be missing with removable dentures, but also preserves bone in the jaw.

* Its quick, you receive a new set of teeth in just 24 hours after you first walked through the door.

* The “All-on-Four” procedure sometimes bypasses the need for bone grafting – a surgery frequently required by more traditional treatment for patients with substantial loss of bone in the jaw.

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The procedure

Traditional approaches to restoring a full arch of teeth usually involved bone grafts, six or more implants, and as many as 18 months of treatment. That meant that a patient often would be without any teeth or with ill-fitting temporary dentures for more than a year.

With the ‘All-on-Four Dental Implant Procedure, the patient has one or two visits to our office to allow the dentist to gather information for a treatment plan which includes, X-rays, impressions, and photos. Following this consultation, the patient will be scheduled for surgery implantation and the new teeth are fitted and adjusted within 24 hours.

The patient will return for occasional check-ups over the next several weeks and months. After almost six months, when the gums have fully healed and the implants are fused to the natural bone, new impressions of the patient’s mouth will be taken.

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