Painless Treatments: Why CornerHouse Is The Place For You

Here at CornerHouse, we are pleased to offer a variety of pain-free procedures. We take care to keep ahead of the latest developments in dentistry, offering new ways of dealing with typical concerns. Here, we outline what we can offer clients in Norwich through HealOzone and Air Abrasion and how it can benefit you.

What They Are

HealOzone is used to limit further tooth decay and so any need for drilling or tooth filling. This procedure uses the anti-bacterial properties of ozone gas. CornerHouse’s dentists will apply HealOzone on the decayed tooth surface, where it will target and kill bacteria and put an end to any more decay.

Air Abrasion

This treatment is a further way of fighting tooth decay without resorting to a more intrusive procedure. Air Abrasion uses a slight stream of air combined with extremely small particles of powder. This is focused upon the decayed area of the tooth and gets rid of the decay while leaving almost all of the healthy tooth area untouched.

Pain Free Procedures

Both HealOzone and Air Abrasion offer a painless way of combatting tooth decay, without resorting to fillings. These alternatives are a great option for those patients who want to avoid a more lengthy procedure.

Still nervous?

At CornerHouse, we are aware that visiting the dentist seems a scary prospect to some people. We are keen to put you at ease and make your visit to us as positive an experience as possible. We are happy to talk through any concerns you may have and will create a relaxing environment for you. We can also offer sedation if this seems the most appropriate option for you.

If you want to talk through any of the above options, call us on 01603 621613 or go online to book a personal appointment and we’ll help you decide the best next step for yourself and your teeth.