Facial Rejuvenation at CornerHouse

Here at CornerHouse, we cater for cosmetic concerns. As part of our service, we offer a range of cosmetic dentistry solutions. From tooth whitening and air abrasion to veneers, we have multiple options for you to achieve the smile you desire. (To find out more, click here).

However, it’s not just your smile which people want to feel confident about – many people are becoming increasingly concerned about the appearance of their skin. Whether it’s wrinkles and lines that are bothering you, or feeling like your skin is suddenly looking like that of a much older person, sometimes facial rejuvenation is needed to help restore confidence in your outer appearance.

The decision to go for facial rejuvenation may be inspired by wishing to complement cosmetic dental work or may be booked on its own if you are already happy with your smile but wish to feel as confident about your skin. It’s CornerHouse’s own way of using Botox to help you achieve the face you want.

The advantages of choosing our Facial Rejuvenation Solution?

  • It’s safe
  • Quick results for an instant transformation
  • Effective: it can target fine lines which other treatments may overlook
  • Non-invasive: it’s an option for those who want the benefits of surgery without any of the complications and hassle. It’s a short process and patients usually return straight to their everyday routines following the procedure.
  • Its effects are temporary: our treatment caters for your wishes in the now; you are keeping your options open.

How does the procedure work?

  • A purified protein is injected into the face
  • This protein then relaxes and soften your facial muscles
  • The relaxation then lessens the amount of muscular activity
  • This decrease in activity affects the lines and creases on the face
  • These lines and creases start to fade and soften

Our facial rejuvenation treatment is carried out by highly trained staff, all of whom have medical knowledge. It’s a way of transforming your face for youthful looking skin, getting rid of the lines and wrinkles which bother you.

To find out more, give us a call to ask any questions or book an appointment on 01603 621613 or book an appointment online.