Baby Teeth

There is a common perception that baby teeth are the ‘trial run’ of dental care and that it’s only when the second lot of teeth come through that we really have to start caring. However, this is not the case. Whatever age you are, you are never immune from dental problems. Habits formed in childhood tend to continue into adulthood so it’s essential that a good oral hygiene routine is followed from the instant the first tooth comes through. So what can parents do to look after their children’s baby teeth?

1) Lead by example

Children love to copy their parents. Being able to copy their adult examples is a way of making sure they are enthusiastic about taking care of their teeth. It’s also a way of making regular oral care seem a normal part of everyday life.

2) Invest in making brushing fun

Why not play a song while your children are brushing their teeth so that they brush for the appropriate amount of time? There are even products avaliable which are designed to appeal to the younger market, with flavoured toothpastes and even toothbrushes which show your children’s favourite characters.

3) Chat about why we brush!

It’s never too early to start educating your children about their oral health. Discuss why a healthy mouth is an attractive one – perhaps take a look at your children’s favourite cartoon characters – it is highly likely that they are depicted with massive gleaming smiles! Explain how tooth decay can be problematic and why it is best avoided. By planting the seeds early on, you will ensure that your kids are always conscientious about taking care of their teeth.

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