Nervous about the Dentist?

Visiting the dentist is regularly cited as a frequent fear. So feeling anxious about booking a dental appointment is totally normal. At Cornerhouse, we want you to feel totally at ease throughout your time with us. With this in mind, here are a few things you can do to make sure your experience is as relaxing as possible.

Firstly, let us know if there is anything you want to discuss, even if it is just to tell us that you feel frightened! We want to know what you need so that we are able to deliver the best service. We will take the time to go into as much detail as you need during your consultation with us, so that you feel fully informed about every aspect of your treatment.

Secondly, there are a host of relaxation techniques available which may help you to remain assured throughout your treatment. Here are a few favourites:

  • Breath in for seven seconds and out for eleven seconds. Concentrate on breathing slowly and deeply
  • Tense and relax your toes, then your whole feet, then your calves, then upper legs and continue, working your way up the body
  • Bring along some music to listen to as a distraction

Remember that your visit is intended to help you – the sooner a dental issue is detected and dealt with, the sooner it can be treated.

If you would like to discuss any concerns, please call us today on 01603 621613.