Brushing Your Teeth Effectively

Just brushing your teeth isn’t enough: to offer your teeth optimum protection, you need to ensure that you are brushing them properly. A perfunctory clean may not be enough to effectively clean your teeth and prevent dental problems occurring. So what must you make sure to do so that you feel secure in your tooth brushing regime?


Brushing your teeth must be done for at least two minutes. Any shorter than this is not enough time to be certain that you have sufficiently removed all the food debris. It may be worth investing in a egg-timer or stopwatch to time yourself or even playing a favourite song and only stopping when the song ends. Be strict with yourself: it will be worth it.

Being Thorough

You need to brush the outer surfaces of the teeth. You need to brush the inner surfaces of the teeth. You need to brush the chewing surfaces of the teeth. Imagine every available surface your tooth offers you and make sure you have brushed every bit of it – the entire tooth must be cleaned to keep it as safe from decay as possible.

Angling Your Toothbrush

Each different bit of the tooth requires a different angle. So:

  • For outer and inner surfaces, brush at a 45 degree angle
  • For chewing surfaces, hold the brush flat
  • For the inside surfaces of front teeth, hold the brush vertically

Ensure that you move gently along the gumline.

The Tongue

Don’t neglect this vital part of your mouth! Use a back to front sweeping motion to brush away food debris and ensure fresh breath.

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