Hallow’een is a night which many of us look forward to for months. An opportunity to dress up and take part in spooky events, to scare and be scared! Traditionally, it’s also a night packed full of sugar. The shops bring out special Hallow’een cakes and sweets to sample, while the Trick or Treat tradition makes our children aim for buckets filled to the brim with products filled with refined sugar. With this in mind, what can you do to ensure Hallow’een this year does not inflict horrors on your teeth?

  • Healthy Snacks

It is possible to make treats in keeping with the Hallow’een theme which don’t overload the teeth with damage. Ghostly decorations can be made by mixing shredding coconut with a little coconut oil and refrigerating them. You can also use cookie cutters to cut through fruit such as apple slices and serve with a side of peanut butter. Finally, pumpkin-based dishes could not be more perfect for the occasion but don’t require heaps of sugar to finish.

  • A Good Routine

The best way to combat tooth decay is to prevent it happening in the first place and that means a thorough oral hygiene regime. An occasion like a Hallow’een celebration is a time to be especially vigilant. Ensure that you brush your teeth twice on the day and that one of those times is just before bed. Be thorough. Combine this with use of floss or interdental brushes to ensure that you are reaching all crevices. Use a mouthwash at another point in the day to keep your mouth clean and free from damage.

  • Enjoy yourself!

Our local area has a lot to offer this Hallow’een. Highlights include an All Hallows’ Eve event in Chapelfield Gardens from 5pm and the Spooky City Event which departs from the Gardens at 6pm. Meanwhile, Norwich Castle is offering creepy crafts all week!

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