Tips for sensitive teeth

 If you’ve noticed that your teeth have increased sensitivity, it could be down to one of a few factors including:


  • Brushing too hard.
  • Lack of tooth enamel.
  • A cracked tooth or recent filing
  • Periodontal (gum) disease.



How can I avoid this?

  • Brushing technique – Changing how you brush is one of the first things to change, as brushing too hard can cause your teeth to become sensitive. Try buying a softer brush with softer bristles and start brushing less vigorously. Failing to do this will wear away the Cementum (the substance that protects your teeth’s roots).
  • Change your toothpaste – you may find your current toothpaste is having a negative effect on your teeth. If you change your toothpaste, you must continue to maintain a healthy dental routine, which means brushing twice a day for 2 minutes at a time.
  • Use fluoride toothpaste – Fluoride toothpaste promotes better a higher quality enamel, more resistant to attacks from acidic food and drink.
  • Diet – your diet can be a significant influencer over your teeth’s wellbeing. Reducing and cutting out acidic, very hot or very cold foods will reduce sensitivity in your teeth.
  • Wearing a mouth guard –  If you grind your teeth often (especially at night), your tooth enamel will wear away. A mouth guard will function as a protective bite substitute (in the place of your teeth). A mouth guard used for this purpose is similar to those used during sports. Your dentist can make you’re a custom-made mouth guard that will fit your teeth. You can also buy them in store, though they are less comfortable and will interrupt sleep for this reason.
  • Paint on barriers – if you find fluoride toothpaste isn’t bringing you any joy, ask you dentist here at Cornerhouse about paint on barriers, which are desensitising agents such as fluoride varnish or plastic resins. These are only a temporary solution – they are applied to the sensitive parts of your teeth and will need to be reapplied regularly.
  • Treat receding gums – If you gum(s) is receding, your roots are exposed causing the cementum to ware away leading to sensitive teeth. Your Cornerhouse dentist can help restore and rebuild your receding gums with methods such as tissue grafts.