Cosmetic dentistry at Cornerhouse: Tooth whitening 

Each month we’ll be looking at how each cosmetic dental treatment we offer can benefit you – this month, it’s tooth whitening! 

Why might I need to have my teeth whitened? 

Growing older inevitably affects the colour of your teeth – they will go through a certain amount of wear and tear no matter how well you look after them. However, there are things you can avoid in order to keep them looking healthy and younger-looking:

  • Smoking
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol (red and white wines especially as these contain tannins which corrode teeth significantly).
  • Excessive consumption of sugary and carbonated drinks/tea and coffee.
  • Failing to brush properly.
  • Failing to floss once a day to remove lingering food particles that can manifest into plaque and tartar if left lodged into between your teeth.

The tooth whitening process 

If you have a cavity, you will need to have this treated before you can proceed with the tooth whitening process, as the whitening agent can pass through the decayed areas and reach the pulp chamber, causing damage.

Once your dentist here at Cornerhouse has tackled this, you can discuss a desired shade and your dentist can take you through what is involved at a consultation.

Tooth whitening is a bespoke process here at Cornerhouse and this is what makes it safe. There are some businesses with no medical credentials offering the treatment in a one-size-fits-all context, where the whitening trays are not made to fit your exact tooth structure. This can cause irrevocable damage to your gums as the agent can leak over and damage them.

Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth in order to create bespoke whitening trays to which the whitening agent can be applied in order to whiten your teeth. You will be shown how to do this at the practice and then you can continue the treatment in the comfort of your own home!


You may find that the most significant change is to your day-to-day confidence. Tooth whitening is, of course, used to improve the aesthetics of your smile, so you’ll have a more youthful-looking and healthier smile which will in turn affect your health and happiness.


If you would like to arrange a consultation with us here at Cornerhouse, please do not hesitate to contact us.