Your oral heath – more important than you first thought….

Your oral health is a huge indicator for how the rest of your body is functioning and complications that arise with your oral health can affect the rest of your body

The link between your oral and overall health

As with your body, your mouth is full of bacteria, the majority of which are harmless but if your body’s natural defences are compromised due to poor oral care (lack of brushing and flossing/poor lifestyle habits), your mouth is left vulnerable to bacteria reaching levels where infections (tooth decay and gum disease) can occur.

A dry mouth can also create the perfect habitat for harmful bacteria which in turn, can eventually lead to more serious oral hygiene problems. The lack of saliva being created becomes a problem, as there is nothing to wash away stray food particles, which are then allowed to settle, multiply and become the kind of unhealthy of bacteria that attacks your tooth enamel.

Visits to the dental hygienist

Many patients substitute visits to the hygienist for visits to the dentist, when in actual fact, each play a different role. Whilst your dentist is responsible for all things teeth, your hygienist will work alongside your dentist to keep an eye on the rapport between your teeth and the environment in which they live – your mouth.

Dental hygienist: essential preventative and educational role

The dental hygienist has an important role when it comes to preventative care, as they are often able to spot issues the patient may frequently overlook – staining on the tongue side of the teeth for example. If you have had complications like a dry mouth or you have some deep staining that could develop into gum disease, your dental hygienist can spot this early and prevent the need for complex treatment further along the line.

As well as ensuring any important issues are flagged up early, your hygienist can also educate you on how to better look after your oral hygiene, showing you how to implement effective brushing and flossing techniques as well as advising you on the best kind of brush for your tooth structure.


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