Looking after your teeth post-Easter weekend: diet inspiration that’s kind to your teeth

The Easter weekend can be a time of indulgence, especially if you’ve been committed to lent but it’s OK to fall off the health wagon for a couple of days, as long as you get back on thinking about your dental and overall health.

What kind of foods will be kind to my teeth?

Cheese – cheese raises the ph level in your mouth thus lowering your risk of tooth decay; the higher the ph level, the lower your risk is of developing cavities. The high levels of calcium in cheese make it a great help to your tooth enamel.

Leafy greens – leafy greens are undoubtedly good for you’re the body and teeth, being full of vitamins and minerals and (most importantly where teeth are concerned) calcium, which fortifies your tooth enamel. Greens like spinach and kale also contain folic acid which can help to prevent pregnant women developing gum disease.

Turkey – with the shift towards healthier meat options in the UK, turkey may well become a very in vogue choice, being incredibly low in fat and packed with minerals. As well as being great for your body, it’s also amazing for your teeth. Turkey is full of protein which is full of phosphorus and when the latter mixes with calcium and vitamin D, it creates strong bones and teeth.

Apples – it’s true that apples do contain sugar, though these are natural sugars and can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet. Apples also have a couple of other properties which make them a particular friend to your teeth: when you eat an apple, this stimulates the production of saliva which in turn rinses away stray food particles and bacteria in your mouth. Their fibrous texture stimulates the gums and can wash away debris lingering on the surface of your teeth.

Dental hygienist appointments

Dental hygiene appointments are paramount in preventing the build up of plaque and tartar over your enamel coating. Prevention plays a big role in dental hygiene, as once your tooth enamel wears away it is irreversible. Regular scale and polish appointments to have deep staining removed will help you preserve your tooth enamel for as long as possible.


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