Top reasons to have facial rejuvenation treatment

Are you feeling a little self conscious about ageing and want to eliminate some of those emerging wrinkles and lines? Here at Cornerhouse our expert team can help you learn to love your skin again by effectively and safely restoring a younger-looking you.

Restore a younger version of you

Whilst cosmetic surgery can alter your features and sometimes in an irreversible and unwanted and unexpected way, facial aesthetics treatment that is carried out by a medical professional will restore your younger features, giving volume to specific areas of the face and flattening out wrinkles that render you older than your years.

Safe treatment

If you’re thinking about having facial aesthetics treatment, it’s important to remember that you should never have this type of treatment (Botox or dermal fillers) performed by anyone but a medical professional such as a dentist or doctor. Seeking the treatment from such persons as unqualified beauty therapists can result in irrevocable damage to your skin.

Improve your confidence

Ageing can leave us all feeling a little self conscious and nervous about how our appearance is going to change, with the emergence of wrinkles and lines that weren’t there before. Facial aesthetics treatment can help keep these wrinkles at bay but in a way that looks natural and simply restores your younger-looking self.

Benefit from the experience of a dedicated team

Our clinicians are experts in their field and have ample experience in skin and administering Botox injections. We strive to keep ahead of the latest trends and technology in facial aesthetics and indeed dentistry, so as to offer our patients the most advanced level of care.

An alternative to cosmetic surgery

You may have heard facial aesthetics dubbed as the ‘lunchtime facelift’. Treatment has picked up this nickname for being hassle-free and quickly carried out, which, for those who have busy lives, is an attractive prospect. People are increasingly attracted to types of treatment that do not disrupt their daily lives and this is perhaps one of the reasons why cosmetic surgery has seen a drop in popularity since the emergence of in-practice facial aesthetics treatment. Offering predictable results, Botox and dermal fillers treatment can target specific areas of the face, whilst cosmetic surgery often inadvertently affects areas that the patient may not have wished to have treated.

If you would like more information about the Norwich facial aesthetics treatments we offer here at Cornerhouse, please do not hesitate to contact us.