Hygienist Appointments – Their Importance Post-Festivities

Although it may be a couple of weeks after the close of the festive period, it’s likely that it will take your teeth a while to recover from the decadence that the time of year has to offer. The new year is a great time to reassess your oral health and hygiene and if necessary, implement some changes to improve your oral hygiene routine.

Why are hygienist appointments important?

Hygienist appointments are so often overlooked and substituted for visits to the dentist. In reality, each of these appointments serve different purposes. Think of your dentist as a GP for your teeth, someone who can diagnose problems, carry out X-rays, repair teeth, write out prescriptions and perform procedures such as root canals, cavities and crowns amongst others. Your dental hygienist’s work specialises in gum health and oral hygiene and they will have  a strong preventative approach, working closely with your dentist to ascertain how best to look after your teeth and to flag up any potential problems with the health of your gums. Hygienist appointments are indispensable in maintaining good gum health and in avoiding gum disease. They can advise you on how to brush and floss correctly and on how often you should be visiting for check-ups.

Hygienist appointments after the festive period 

One of the best times to plan your hygienist visit is just after the festive period and in preparation for the new year. Not only is this a good time of year because everybody else is embarking upon their new year goals, but after several weeks of being a bit lax with your diet and oral hygiene routine, it’s a great opportunity to reinvigorate. One of the roles most associated with a hygienist is performing what is known as a ‘scale and polish’.

What is a scale and polish?

No matter how well you brush your teeth, there will also be lingering food particles that escape your brush, loading themselves in the gaps between your teeth. When these are allowed to linger, a deposit known as tartar builds up and this cannot be removed through brushing alone, placing you at risk of gum disease. In order to remove these surface stains, your hygienist will ‘scrape’ the deposits using specialised hand help instruments and then ‘polish’ your teeth to render the surface smooth and shiny.


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