Top Reasons to Attend Regular Dental Check-Ups

Over 2 million Brits haven’t visited the dentist in more than a decade and a Bupa survey found that a third of those surveyed admitted they ignore dental pain or tackle it with painkillers. These alarming statistics highlight the fact that many of us are not visiting the dentist for regular check-ups, which are a vital preventative measure against cavities, tooth loss, and gum disease. Here are a few reasons to motivate you to make time for the dentist’s chair.

Oral cancer screening

Oral cancer can manifest itself in multiple different ways that you will not often be able to spot by checking yourself. Regular dentist appointments will ensure that subtle early symptoms do not advance to the stage of needing serious treatment. Screening for oral cancer is done via a non-invasive and pain-free exam known as a VELscope Cancer exam, which searches for signs of dead tissue caused by tumours. This type of exam can save lives!

Check for early signs of gum disease

Most of us will experience some degree of gum disease in our lives, characterised by a build-up of plaque over the top of our teeth. This is caused by food particles getting stuck between the teeth and being allowed to linger, enabling bacteria to multiply. More serious cases of gum disease will manifest in the form of swelling, bleeding, and soreness, although early stages of the disease may be painless and undetectable without a dental check-up. Regular hygienist appointments can ensure the type of staining that causes gum disease is kept at bay. A process known as a scale and polish can be used by your hygienist to remove plaque and tartar and visiting at least once a year will ensure that the build-up never reaches the point where you move into the serious stages of gum disease.

Prevent cavities and tooth loss

Cavities do not often offer up any warning signs – one of these few signs is very minor aching once the tooth is already decayed. Once the teeth is displaying signs of damage, you will need to have the cavity filled, a root canal performed, or in severe cases, the tooth extracted completely. This can be avoided by keeping regular cleaning appointments with the hygienist.

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