Teeth Whitening At Corner House For Stunning Winter Teeth

As we edge into the colder, pre-Christmas months, many of us will have upcoming commitments and events to attend. Look your best with teeth whitening treatment and feel confident in photos with friends and family.

Teeth whitening and your confidence 

Do you dread having your photograph taken? In the age of photo-taking and social media, it can be anxiety-inducing if you’re not all that proud of your smile. In-practice teeth whitening is a non-invasive way to restore confidence in your smile and gives you a fresh opportunity to start anew where your dental health habits are concerned. Before teeth whitening, we will deep clean your teeth to remove tenacious staining like plaque and tartar, so not only will your teeth be whiter by the time you leave us but they’ll also be bacteria-free and therefore, healthier.

Best whitening results

To reap the full benefits of teeth whitening treatment, we recommend a combination of both in-house and home whitening. Results can last between 6 months and 2 years depending on how you maintain your dental health and hygiene.

Teeth whitening – a bespoke treatment at Corner House

Teeth whitening treatment should only ever be bespoke and unfortunately there are a number of people around the UK offering this treatment illegally and as a one-size-fits-all procedure. Teeth whitening treatment should be performed using custom made impressions (moulds) which are created using a digital, non-invasive scanner.

Individuals offering this treatment using generic-sized impressions put patients at risk of irrevocable damage. As the impressions don’t fit the patient’s teeth, there is a risk of the whitening agent leaking and making contact with teeth and gums. Here at Corner House, as we create the impressions to fit your teeth, there is no such risk and our dentists’ experience means treatment can be performed safely and effectively.

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