Teeth Whitening For The Perfect Winter Smile

The festive season is on the way! And you might be thinking about those Christmas work parties and meet ups with family and old friends. If you’re worried about those Facebook and Instagram pictures because you’ve got a discoloured and unhealthy-looking smile, teeth whitening can give you the bright smile and confidence you deserve.

Teeth inevitably change shade the older you get, though there are lifestyle factors that rapidly speed up discolouration. Smoking, excessive alcohol and caffeine consumption will cause yellowish teeth, that can leave you feeling reluctant to smile and low in confidence, which in an image-conscious society, can be challenging.

Teeth whitening treatment unique for your smile

Our approach to teeth whitening treatment is tailored and we will create a unique treatment plan for every individual patient. Firstly, we ask that you see us for an initial consultation where we can ascertain if you are suitable for treatment by taking a look at your teeth as well as your medical background. Following this, we can take impressions (moulds) of your teeth which will be used to create your custom-made whitening trays, via which a whitening agent is applied. This will give the most accurately fitting whitening trays and ensure that no whitening agent leaks over onto your gums, making in-practice teeth whitening the safest way to go about getting that bright and healthy-looking smile you’re after. Your dentist will discuss your desired shade with you, taking your facial features such as eye, hair and skin colour into account.

We can also offer at-home whitening kits where you can carry out the whitening treatment by wearing the whitening trays overnight. Your dentist here at Corner House will give you detailed but straightforward instructions of what to do, should you choose this option. You can view our teeth whitening FAQs here.

Grow your confidence this winter and start afresh with your dental health. Teeth whitening gives you the opportunity to implement new, healthier dental habits and Corner House Dental can help you cement these into your daily routine.


If you would like more information about offers or custom teeth whitening at Corner House, please contact our friendly team here in Norwich, who can book you in for a consultation.