Monthly Archives: January 2020

All-on-4 & The Power Of Dental Implants

It’s widely known that dental implants are the best method of replacing a missing tooth, offering a permanent, aesthetic fixed solution to tooth loss. But did you know there’s a way to … Read more >

Digital Impressions – Revolutionising Orthodontics & Dentistry

Digital impressions are arguably, one of the most notable breakthroughs in modern dentistry, improving the patient and dentist/orthodontist experience alike. Below, we explore the principal reasons why once you’ve had digital impressions, … Read more >

How Your Gum Health Influences Your Wider Health

Your mouth is a window into your health – it can reveal so much about how the rest of your body is working and this includes your gum health. We’ve come a … Read more >

New Year New Tooth – Make 2020 The Year You Replace A Missing Tooth

A New Year is an opportunity for new starts and for many of us, a time to embrace positive change, in an effort to grow, improve and be healthier. This may well … Read more >