Monthly Archives: February 2020

Why Preventative Measures Are So Important When It Comes To Your Teeth

The body is an incredible vessel, with the ability to repair and restore itself as well as protect itself from injury. However, one part of your body that does not possess these … Read more >

5 Reasons To Quit Smoking To Improve Your Dental & Oral Health

Last year, the government revealed ambitious plans to eradicate smoking in England by 2030. With only 14% of the population smoking in 2020 compared to 40% in the 1970s, it could be … Read more >

Corner House Dental: Changing Patient Perceptions About What It Means To Visit The Dentist

Dental practices used to be renowned for their clinical settings, intimidating sights and sounds, and unwelcoming environments. Thankfully today, this is much changed and here at Corner House, our aim has always … Read more >

Look and Feel Fabulous This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here and maybe you’re thinking about how you can look fab for your date or partner this February 14th…. Here at Corner House Dental, we offer non-surgical Botox … Read more >