Why Preventative Measures Are So Important When It Comes To Your Teeth

The body is an incredible vessel, with the ability to repair and restore itself as well as protect itself from injury. However, one part of your body that does not possess these qualities is your set of teeth. Teeth are the strongest bone in your body, but once the protective enamel coating has eroded away, there is no way to salvage a severely damaged or decayed tooth.

Hygienist appointments

Dental hygienist visits play a huge role in preventing problems with your gums. Hygienists are gum experts and your gums are the foundation holding your teeth in place, so they need to be looked after. Despite this, a staggering 33% of adults in the UK have NEVER been to the dentist and 45% of adults suffer from some degree of gum disease. During your routine hygienist appointment, the hygienist here at Corner House will carefully examine your gum health any offer you tailored advice to put measures into practice to protect your gums from future issues. Your gum health is influenced by your overall health and visa versa, so we will also ask you more general questions about your medical history.

Dental hygienists play an educational role in your gum health and can let you know what type of toothbrush to use depending on the size and shape of your teeth and tooth structure, for example.

Routine dental check-ups

Dentists are GPs, except that they focus solely on your dental health. As mentioned above, your teeth don’t have the power to regenerate (alas if only we were all Doctor Who!) so routine check-ups are a must. Unfortunately, many dental-related issues tend not to present any symptoms in a lot of cases, which can make it hard to notice any problems until problems get quite severe. To avoid developing any issues that might warrant expensive and complex treatment later down the line, visit the dentist regularly as an insurance policy for your teeth.


If you would like more information about preventative dentistry at Corner House or you would like to book yourself in for a hygienist or dentist appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.