Managing Good Dental Hygiene At Home

Great dental health and hygiene starts at home. Practicing good habits at home and having a solid routine will ensure you retain your natural teeth for as long as possible. Here are a few simple tips to get the most out of your dental health and hygiene in the comfort of your own home.

 Don’t go to bed without brushing your teeth

Obviously, brushing twice a day, morning and night, is paramount, but failing to brush before bedtime is especially problematic. Throughout the day, the food you eat leaves food particles that linger on your teeth and feed bacteria in your mouth. Saliva helps to remove this throughout the day but at night-time, saliva production reduces, which means plaque is allowed to form at a faster rate, attacking your tooth enamel – the protective coating protecting your teeth from wear. Failing to brush before bed can also affect your gums, causing gum disease.

Don’t brush too hard

We understand that at the moment, it might be easy to neglect good dental habits – and you might feel you want to brush too hard out of frustration! However, brushing too hard can lead to gum erosion, which can cause tooth sensitivity and receding gums. Vigorous brushing wears down tooth enamel and you may not realise you’ve brushed to expose your tooth root – this can often be something your hygienist points out. Keep a close eye on your gums, especially during the coming months where getting in for a routine check-up might be tricky.

Don’t forget to floss

Flossing is an important part of any home dental routine, helping to remove tenacious pieces of food that become stuck in-between your teeth. If left to linger, these bits of food will cause bad breath and discolouration. Aim to floss once a day before bedtime. There are several different types of floss – take a look here to see which might be best for your tooth structure.

Use mouthwash

In addition to helping keep your breath fresh, mouthwash reduces the amount of acid in the mouth, cleans the areas of the mouth that are difficult to brush such as around the gums and around your back teeth and remineralises your teeth. Whilst we’re all in close proximity in our households, mouthwash will ensure you don’t alienate your family or partner with your breath!


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Stay safe and take care – from the team at Corner House.