Is Straightening Your Teeth Worth It?

Once upon a time, the idea of getting braces was a daunting prospect. With only chunky and clunky metal models to choose from, the thought of committing to a long period of 2+ years was not particularly appealing. Today, braces have come a long way, with more delicate, comfortable and cosmetically appealing designs – 1 in 5 orthodontic patients is an adult, when in the past it was primarily teenagers who would wear braces. Correcting issues like misalignment, crowding, spacing and bite issues is less invasive than ever and braces designs have adapted well to the modern adult. Below, we explore why straightening your teeth can make a significant positive difference to your life, day to day.

Self esteem

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you and if you’re unhappy with how it looks, it can cause you to stop smiling altogether. Misaligned teeth and other orthodontic issues can make your smile look unhealthy and crooked which has an impact on your overall facial aesthetic. Braces are a worthwhile commitment to achieving a better-looking smile, which then has the potential to improve your wellbeing day-to-day.

Improve your dental hygiene

Teeth that are crowded or misaligned can present a challenge when it comes to brushing and flossing. For example, your tooth surfaces might be obscured, making it hard for the brush to reach them resulting in plaque and tartar build up and discolouration. Straighter teeth are easily to look after and less likely to become discoloured overtime. If you are interested in having teeth whitening treatment but have misaligned teeth, you will need to have your teeth straightened beforehand – this also applies to other cosmetic dental treatments like veneers and bonding, for example.

Brace designs are more effective than ever before

There’s never been a better time to address misaligned teeth. As mentioned above, the evolution of modern braces is synonymous with comfort and a cosmetic appeal. Here at Corner House we offer both Invisalign clear aligners and Six Month Smiles, both of which are ground-breaking treatments. The former is a removable serious of aligners that allow you to brush and eat as normal (a particularly appealing option for those following specific diets), whilst the latter is a fixed brace that employs small ceramic brackets, which are a great match for natural tooth enamel. As the name suggests, Six Month Smiles can treat mild to moderate orthodontic issues in as little as six months – ideal if you’ve got a special occasion around the corner and you’re looking to correct predominantly cosmetic issues, rather than structural problems.

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