5 Reasons To Choose Invisalign To Straighten Your Teeth

Invisalign is a well-known brace system worldwide, even with those who haven’t actually had treatment. Celebrity endorsements of the state-of-the-art transparent, removable aligners (think Billy Eilish, Niall Horan and Kathy Bates), have thrust Invisalign into the spotlight over the years. Though, the brace’s innovation and efficacy speaks for itself. Take a look at these 5 reasons to choose Invisalign to correct orthodontic issues with your smile.  

Removable and flexible

Removable braces means more patient flexibility. Unlike in the case of fixed braces, you won’t have to worry about making amends to your diet, or your brushing and flossing routine. Simply take your aligners out and carry on as normal. The Invisalign system works so patients have 2 hours each day in which to remove the aligners. As well as accommodating your brushing and flossing routine, this convenient window is practical if you need to remove your aligners to speak at a work presentation or to meet a client.

Transparent aligners

Invisalign aligners are made from a transparent BPA-free plastic. This barely-visible plastic means others may not even notice your aligners. One of the main reasons why adult patients were so reluctant to choose to have braces in the past was down to the limited and unsightly designs available to them. Invisalign has addressed this issue and created something cosmetically appealing.

Predictable results

Imagine knowing exactly how your smile will look before you even start treatment? Thanks to Invisalign’s sophisticated iTero Digital Scanner, this is a reality. Knowing what your smile will look is a great motivator, especially when orthodontic treatment with Invisalign can take as long as 24 months to complete if the issue is complex.

Custom and comfortable  

Another trait of fixed braces is the presence of brace hardware (brackets and wires) which can sometimes be a source of discomfort. As Invisalign is removable, it’s bracket and wire-free and therefore a more comfortable option. Your aligners will be made in the image of your smile using precise measurements. A custom-fitting brace is a non-invasive brace you can feel content wearing for the whole 22 hours each day.

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