How A Straighter Smile Can Improve Your Health

It’s true that when we consider orthodontic treatment, the first benefit that springs to mind is the aesthetic improvement a brace can offer a smile. However, treating a crooked smile can also improve our dental, oral and wider health. Let’s take a look at how.  

Straighter teeth are easier to clean

When teeth are misaligned, crooked and overlapping, it can be a challenge to reach certain areas when we brush and floss. This means discolouration can occur, leaving you with unsightly yellow patches across your teeth. Teeth that overlap also make it easy for plaque to build up and put you at risk of tooth decay.

In short, orthodontic treatment can improve the shade of your teeth, as well as your oral hygiene.

Straighter teeth make it easier to eat

Straight teeth are needed to break down your food efficiently, so you can digest it and benefit from the minerals, nutrients and vitamins it contains. If you’re not able to break down food correctly, you may be missing out on the health benefits and in the long term, this can lead to wider health complications.

Your smile and your mental health

When we feel less than confident about the way we look, this can lead to self-doubt and low self-esteem. If you’re unhappy with your smile because of orthodontic issues, addressing these can improve how you feel day-to-day. A great smile goes a long way, affecting how you’re perceived in the workplace, in friendship circles and among new people.

A crooked smile and your general health 

As we’ve outlined above, straight teeth are healthier for a number of reasons. Having straight and healthy teeth has a positive knock-on effect on your general health. In the long term, issues like plaque build-up can have severe consequences, leading to heart disease and even Alzheimer’s.

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