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Not Been To The Dentist In A While? We’re Here To Help

Here in the U.K. 1 in 5 people don’t see their dentist regularly, whether it be down to time constraints, dental phobia or cost. If this sounds familiar to you, perhaps it’s … Read more >

Thinking of Getting Braces? Here’s Why You Should

Today, more adults are getting braces than ever before, thanks to the modern brace models that are available to them. Addressing the structural issues of your smile can benefit your health and … Read more >

Don’t Let An Unsightly Smile Spoil Your Dating Life!

A great or terrible smile has the potential to make or break a first meeting on a first date. Let’s explore exactly how important a good smile is when it comes to … Read more >

What Counts as a Dental Emergency?

Feeling like there’s something wrong with your teeth that needs urgent attention can be scary and a little confusing. It’s easy to ask yourself the question ‘is this an emergency? Will I … Read more >