Dental Treatments For Beautifying Your Front Teeth

Our front teeth are those most visible when we smile, and when they’re beautifully aligned, white and well-shaped, they can enhance the beauty of the whole face. However, structural defects and small cosmetic flaws can leave you feeling like you don’t wish to smile, but don’t fret. Here are 4 treatments we offer here at Corner House Dental in Norwich that can work wonders for the aesthetic of your front teeth, also known as the ‘social six’.

Six Month Smiles

Whilst most orthodontic treatments focus on correcting all your teeth, Six Month Smiles focuses on only those most visible when you smile. Six Month Smiles is the ideal treatment if you’d like your teeth to look great for a forthcoming occasion like a wedding or anniversary.

Correcting defects like crowding, gaps or misalignment with your front teeth can make a significant difference to the way your whole face look. Well-structured teeth help to balance your facial features and gives you a symmetrical smile. This can have a beneficial knock-on effect on your confidence and your desire to smile for photos and selfies!

The benefits

Discreet fixed brace: Six Month Smiles is a brace that keeps your teeth looking great throughout the brave-wearing period, thanks to the use of

Applies low force pressure: the brace gently guides your teeth into position using low force pressure, making them a more comfortable alternative to traditional fixed braces.

Short treatment time: The average treatment time with Six Month Smiles is 6 month, though it can span from anywhere between4-9 months, depending on the issue being treated.


Veneers have a fascinating history, dating back to the days of Hollywood in the 1930s. Since being used purely for actors’ teeth on screen, veneers have evolved to become a premium treatment for restoring patients’ smiles. Veneers are now securely bonded with a strong adhesive and carefully crafted to look like a real tooth.

The benefits

They’re stain resistant: veneers are highly resistant to stains, so your tooth will

Durable: veneers are known for being a long-lasting solution to

They produce beautiful results: thanks to the porcelain material from which they’re made, veneers bear a great resemblance to real teeth.

Tooth bonding

Tooth bonding is a cost-effective alternative to veneers and similarly, treatment works to address discolouration, cracks and chips in your teeth. Bonding can also be used to re-shape a tooth, to fit in amongst neighbouring teeth. A little like veneers, tooth bonding is principally cosmetic, but is more cost-effective. However, it’s also less durable – a bonded tooth will usually last a maximum of 8-10 years, whilst you can expect a veneers to last for 15 years.

The benefits

Built up from composite resin layers: when a tooth is bonded, the composite material is built up by your dentist in layer, which results in a highly authentic-looking result that mimics the properties of real tooth enamel.

Straightforward treatment: composite bonding can be completed in just one appointment.

Minimally-invasive: no needles or drilling is involved.


Crowns are a great choice for repairing front teeth, as they have restorative benefits as well as aesthetic benefits. Crowns fit over a damaged tooth, protecting it from the risk of further damage and wear. Our crowns here in Norwich are made from beautiful ceramic, and shaped to exist among your adjacent teeth.

Take a look at some Before & After photographs of crowns we have created for our patients.

The benefits

Durable: if you regularly grind your teeth, crowns are a great option as they’re extremely strong.

Versatile: crowns are multi-purpose, working to repair teeth as well as restore them. 

Enjoy a variety of foods: crowns give you the freedom to eat the foods you love without worry. Meanwhile, a bonded tooth isn’t quite as reliable, and you should avoid chewing tougher foods with your front teeth to stop any chance of chipping.

Teeth whitening

A little different to the other treatments on our list, teeth whitening not only improves the appearance of front teeth, but of all teeth. Professional teeth whitening treatment uses custom made aligner trays to given an evenly white and bright result for all teeth. Here at Corner House Dental, we give patients the option of in-house bleaching and at-home kits. During your appointment, we will talk you through both, and help you come to a course of treatment that best suits your lifestyle.

The benefits

Non-invasive: teeth whitening doesn’t cause any discomfort and thanks to modern advancements, it’s even suitable for people with tooth sensitivity.

Can reverse years of staining: despite being a straightforward treatment, teeth whitening can go a long way for patients. Years of staining can be undone through teeth whitening, which can help to produce a younger-looking smile and overall facial appearance.

Long-lasting results: the effects of teeth whitening can last for up to 2 years. Just make sure you avoid teeth staining foods as much as possible and come in for regular scale and polish appointments to have plaque and tartar removed.

If you would like to know more about the cosmetic dental treatments we offer here in Norwich, please contact our friendly team today.