The Benefits That Come With Straightening Your Smile

It’s easy to overlook the amazing benefits orthodontic treatment can have, beyond merely straightening your teeth. Of course, it’s normal to wish for a beautifully aligned smile, but what about the other advantages that come with choosing to get braces to correct alignment, crowding and spacing problems? In this blog, we’ll be talking about exactly that, and discussing the Invisalign system, which we offer here at our Norwich dental practice.

#1 Your teeth will be less prone to gum disease

Gum disease is caused by the build-up of plaque, when bacteria is allowed to linger in your mouth. When left untreated, advanced gum disease (periodontitis) can occur and even result in tooth loss. When your teeth are poorly aligned, your gums are more likely to be exposed in your mouth, making them susceptible to gum disease more quickly. Having your teeth straightened will reduce the possibility of this occurring.

#2 Say goodbye to bad breath

Crooked teeth are much more difficult to clean and therefore more likely to attract bits of food and bacteria. When food particles and potentially harmful bacteria are allowed to stick around (quite literally!), they can cause chronic bad breath, and leave you feeling less than confident about kissing being in close contact with others. Post Invisalign treatment, you’ll find it’s much easier to keep your teeth and tongue food particle-free, and consequently, to beat that bad breath.

#3 No more enamel wear

Crowded and misaligned teeth can often protrude in abnormal directions. Whilst this isn’t great for the aesthetics of your smile, it can also cause problems with the protective enamel coating your teeth need to avoid erosion. As your teeth in the lower jaw rub against those in the upper jaw (and vice versa), abrasion occurs, which wear the enamel coating, leaving you at risk of pain and decay. Once your teeth are straight, your bite will be healthy and will not cause your teeth to meet in this way.

#4 Less chance of tooth injuries

It’s no surprise that protruding and badly aligned teeth are not as stable as those which sit in a natural position in the mouth. As they don’t have the support they need from other teeth, this can make them more prone to cracks and chips, requiring treatment like crowns or composite bonding. With this in mind, straightening your smile is an investment that can save you needing restorative treatment in the future.

Invisalign clear aligners at Corner House Dental

Invisalign has been extremely popular at the practice ever since we started offering it, and we take referrals from all over Norfolk. If you’re looking for a discreet alternative to conventional braces that give you a fantastic level of flexibility, we recommend you consider Invisalign clear aligners. A few notable things to know about Invisalign include:  

  • They’re made from transparent plastic and therefore discreet.
  • You can eat the foods you love without having to worry about them getting stuck in your brace.
  • You can look after your teeth just as you normally would.
  • They’re custom made, making them a comfortable fit for your mouth.

What happens during my Invisalign treatment?

Before treatment, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have, and your orthodontist will clearly explain what you can expect from treatment at each stage. Here is  summary of what you can expect from your Invisalign journey at our Norfolk orthodontist.

Step 1: Assess your suitability for treatment by performing a thorough examination of your teeth. Collect diagnostic information like digital photos and impressions, which are used to plan your new smile.

Step 2: The impressions taken are sent to a dedicated Invisalign lab, where your custom aligners are prepared, and sent back to the practice to your orthodontist in Norwich.

Step 3: State-of-the-art ClinCheck software is used to create a digital image of what your smile will look like at the end of treatment. You will also be able to see how your teeth change with each aligner that you wear and change over every 2 weeks.

Step 4: You are then ready to start wearing your aligners every day for 22 hours, removing them only to brush and eat. We will invite you in for regular check-ups to track your progress.

Invisalign treatment has attracted millions of adults around the world to straighten their teeth. There was once a time when braces were deemed only for children and teens, but today appliances like Invisalign aligners make it much less invasive for adults to address misalignment, and to achieve a fuller and symmetrical smile.

Alternatively, if you’re unhappy with just a few crowded or poorly aligned teeth at the front of your mouth and your goals are mainly aesthetic, we offer Six Month Smiles treatment. Take a look at some of the fantastic case studies on our website here.

Why choose Corner House Dental for your orthodontic treatment?

Here are some of the reasons to choose Corner House Dental as your Norwich orthodontist:

  • Team of specialist orthodontists who have extra training and experience.
  • Private treatment = no waiting lists.
  • Bespoke orthodontic care plans.
  • Trusted by referral practices across Norfolk.
  • Flexible payment options, including interest-free finance.

Here at Corner House Dental in Norwich, we feel privileged to be able to transform patients’ smiles, and help them to feel great inside and out. To book your Invisalign consultation in Norwich, contact our friendly reception team today, and find the joy in smiling again.