Summer Dental Tips To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

We hope you’ve been enjoying the incredible weather we’ve recently been having here in Norwich. Summer and relaxation go hand in hand and it can be easy to become a bit lax with looking after your teeth. However, you should be protecting your teeth all year round if you don’t want to end up needing a filling or more invasive dental treatment.

To keep your teeth in good shape this summer, follow the tips below, recommended by our dentists here in Norwich.

Avoid biting ice cubes

Now that the summer is here, you might be reaching for the G and T ad popping a couple of ice cubes in with it. Just makes sure you don’t give in to the temptation of biting them! We see many patients who have chipped their teeth as a result of biting on ice, requiring treatment such as composite bonding to repair them.

Avoid the need for composite bonding here in Norwich by making sure your teeth don’t bite down onto ice cubes this summer.

Use a straw for sugary drinks

A refreshing glass of fruit juice or a cocktail are popular drinks for those lovely sunny days. However, regularly drinking these puts your mouth through a bit of a nightmare.

When you eat or drink anything sugary, the bacteria in your use the sugar for energy and acid is the by-product that is produced. These acids cause the pH level in your mouth to lessen to a level where tooth enamel begins to erode. Eating frequently will trigger the production of these acids, putting your mouth under pressure to restore the correct pH balance, by creating saliva that will neutralise the acids.

Using a straw when you’re enjoying sugary drinks will lessen the risk of the liquid coming into contact with your teeth.

Protect your teeth from sports injuries

Summer is a great time for partaking in sports, whether it’s out in the park, pitch or on a beach. Make sure you protect your teeth from the risk of injury when you’re enjoying sports like cricket and volleyball by wearing an orthodontic mouth guard. These are mouth guards with a custom-fit that provide a superior level of protection compared with over-the-counter mouth guards. Whilst custom mouth guards are more expensive than those you might find in a sports shop, they’re far less costly than the treatment you would need to have to replace a tooth that has been knocked out.

Invest in protecting your teeth this summer by having a custom mouth guard made here at Corner House Dental in Norwich.

Make sure you’ve packed your Invisalign aligners

If you’re currently having Invisalign treatment to straighten your teeth, remember to pack an aligner if you’re going away on holiday. Invisalign aligners need to be changed over every 2 weeks, so if your trip exceeds this period, you definitely need to be popping one into your suitcase. You may wish to take one with you even if your trip isn’t quite 2 weeks long, in case you lose your aligner, as even a few days without it can prolong your treatment time.

Schedule a hygienist appointment before you jet off on holiday

You should be attending the hygienist at least twice a year to have plaque along your gum line removed. Not only does this keep your teeth healthy, but it also helps to remove surface stains that tarnish the aesthetic of your teeth. If you’re about to head off on holiday, you may wish to book yourself in for a hygienist appointment to have surface stains removed. This way, you can look back at all your holiday photos and think “My smile looks like a million dollars!”

We also offer professional teeth whitening treatment to give your smile even more of a makeover. We offer the option of both in-house and at-home whitening combined or a fully at-home whitening course of treatment. Your dentist will talk you through the advantages of both methods so that you can decide which works best for your lifestyle.

Beautify your front teeth with Six Month Smiles

We all know summer is a time when our social calendars become full to the brim, particularly since we’re all making up for lost socialising time since the lockdown periods. Summer weddings, anniversary celebrations, work BBQs and birthdays are all occasions for which we want our smiles to look camera ready. However, if you’ve got alignment problems with your front teeth, it can be hard to find the willingness to smile when it’s time for a photo with your family, friends and colleagues.

This is where market-leading short-term orthodontics treatment Six Month Smiles comes in. In just a few weeks, Six Month Smiles can make a huge difference to the way your teeth sit together in your mouth. If you have moderate gaps amongst your front teeth, or teeth that are incorrectly aligned, here at our private dentist in Norwich you can benefit from this groundbreaking treatment.

The ceramic components of the fixed Six Month Smiles brace blend in with your tooth shade. This makes them a much more discreet alternative to traditional metal brace designs.

If you’re looking for orthodontics in Norwich that will produce fast results, contact us to enquire about the innovative Six Month Smiles mode of treatment

Contact a dentist in Norwich

Has it been a while since your last check-up? Summer is a great time to reset your dental health. Head into autumn with the peace of mind that your teeth have been checked over by a dentist here in Norwich.

Contact our friendly reception team to book in for your summer check-up with a private dentist in Norwich.