Recently Had a Tooth Extracted? Here Are Your Options For Replacing It

Needing to have a tooth extracted is never the news you wish to hear from your dentist. However, there are a number of options for replacing a lost tooth and here at Corner House Dental, our dentists are skilled and experienced in planning and executing them, whether it’s a bridge, dentures or implants.

Why might you need to have a tooth extracted?

You may recently have had one or more teeth taken out if:

  • Have had gum disease treatments to resolve periodontitis (the advanced form of gum disease).
  • You have crowded teeth.
  • You have been suffering from decay or infection and root canal treatment is no longer possible.
  • You have receding gums.

Is it really necessary to replace missing teeth?

One or two missing teeth might not be too problematic to begin with. However, as the months go by, small problems can snowball into bigger ones that will affect your everyday life in an invasive way.

So, how does living with missing teeth impact your physical and emotional health?

Chewing function: If you’ve lost a molar, you will notice that it becomes much more difficult to chew tougher foods. The area of gum that is exposed as a result of having a missing tooth can also become irritated by foods that come into contact with it. Eventually, this can cause tooth wear due to other teeth having to compensate for the lost molar.

Confidence: Opening your mouth around others to laugh or talk when you have a missing back tooth can feel daunting enough. However, if you have a missing front tooth, smiling might feel completely impossible. This can hinder your success in scenarios like interviews and dates, as gaps in your smile can project an image of poor health and poor attention to personal responsibility.

Premature ageing: Lost teeth don’t just make your smile look older, it’s your whole face that’s affected too. The loss of a tooth leads to the loss of the jawbone, which finds it no longer has a reason to function. The consequence of this is that it shrinks away, leaving your lower face to go through aesthetic changes, such as a protruding chin and hollowing of the cheeks.

People who wear conventional dentures are also at risk of this since the dentures process doesn’t involve replacing the tooth root that’s been lost. However, dental implants can achieve this, protecting your jawbone from shrinking away and becoming vulnerable.

We will be talking about our dental implants, available here in Norwich, a little later in the blog.

Heightened risk of oral health-related problems: Having gaps in your smile makes it easy for food to become trapped in against neighbouring teeth, increasing your risk of decay and gum disease. Whilst diligent brushing and flossing can ensure food doesn’t collect and cause damage, it’s more sustainable to have the gap filled with a false tooth.

What are my options for replacing a missing tooth?

Here at our private dentist in Norwich, we offer multiple options for replacing a lost tooth. We have solutions to suit a range of budgets and you will be able to benefit from 0% finance, should you need to spread the cost of your chosen treatment.

Bridges: Fixed set of teeth anchored between two existing teeth. Artificial teeth are then made from durable metals, such as gold, and then coated with porcelain, which provides a natural-looking aesthetic.

Dentures: Removable set of false teeth made from plastic or a hybrid of metal and plastic. Dentures can be created with clasps to improve their stability.

Single tooth implants: Replacement titanium tooth roots that replace individual lost teeth. A crown is then placed over the top of the implant for cosmetic restoration and chewing function.

All-on-4 implants: Dubbed the ‘Teeth in a Day’ tooth replacement method, All-on-4 implants secure a temporary fixed set of teeth, in just one appointment. Once your implants have healed, we remove the temporary set of teeth and replace them with a custom-made set. All-on-4 implants are a possibility for patients who have low jaw bone density, as the implants are angled carefully, in order to support the set of replacement teeth.

Dental implants: What’s all the fuss about?

If you’ve previously researched solutions for missing teeth, you will likely have come across dental implants, which dentists consider to be the most favourable option for dealing with lost teeth.

Why though? We’re glad you asked, as for our dentists in Norwich, it’s one of their most enjoyable treatments to perform and oversee. We gain immense satisfaction from hearing that our patients’ quality of life has improved and every single implant case allows us to learn more about how we can help our patients.

Some of the advantages of dental implants treatment with us in Norwich include: 

They’re a potentially permanent answer to tooth loss: The main reason why implants fail is gum disease. By making sure you look after your gums, cleaning carefully around your implant, refraining from smoking and coming in for regular hygienist appointments, your implant could last for life.

They’re incredibly stable: Implants are anchored surgically into the jaw bone. Once they heal, they will provide the ultimate foundation for a replacement tooth or set of teeth to sit on. This means no more having to worry about wobbly dentures.

They have antiaging benefits: As we tend to associate lost teeth with growing older, replacing them can help you to look (and feel) younger. However, there is a second antiaging benefit with dental implants. The jawbone receives the stimulus it requires, once an implant has been placed, therefore preventing recession and changes to the shape and structure of your facial make-up. Tooth replacement treatments without this capability don’t protect your jawbone from receding.

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