Acupuncture originates from Eastern Medicine and has been used for over 3 millennia. It is an ancient custom which consists of using the way energy flows around your body and redirecting it to relieve pain, anxiety, headaches and many other conditions. It has gained some traction in Western Medicine although it has always had a reputation as an alternative way to treat medical conditions.

Acupuncture in Norwich

At Corner House Dental, Dr Sean Danino will be offering acupuncture to help treat dental conditions. It will primarily be offered as an adjunct to conventional dentistry and the idea is to complement and not replace studied and researched techniques. Very fine needles are inserted into areas knows as Acupressure points which increases the blood flow and in turn can help flush toxins and byproducts stored in muscles. Although not painful, acupuncture is often described as having a pleasant warm sensation through the area being treated which can sometimes tingle. It has the added benefit of very few side effects of which none are serious. A series of sessions, usually around 6, is required to reap the full benefits of acupuncture. If you are not familiar with Dr Danino, a complimentary consultation can be arranged for our registered clients to discuss areas of concern and ask any further questions you may have.

“I have found that by using acupuncture techniques in certain areas of the head and neck it can help release tension around the muscles which helps alleviate jaw ache and even headaches! In addition it can be very useful to those with a gag reflex who find dentistry overwhelming or intolerable. It can also help anxious patients relax and release their stresses prior to commencing treatment with us.”

If you think you may benefit from having Acupuncture, please call us on 01603 621613 or alternatively contact us here and a member from our reception team will be able to help you book a consultation to discuss this further.