Air abrasion (HealOzone)

No one likes teeth fillings and with our new HealOzone and air abrasion treatments you can avoid the need for drilling or injections. It’s the perfect way to repair small areas of tooth decay.

HealOzone and air abrasion are pain-free procedures for patients with small areas of tooth decay, avoiding the need for a tooth filling.

By harnessing the anti-bacterial properties of ozone gas, our dentists will apply HealOzone directly to the decayed tooth surface, killing bacteria and stopping further decay, reducing the need for any drilling or tooth filling.

At Corner House Dental we also offer air abrasion which targets the decayed area of the tooth with a fine stream of air mixed with tiny particles of powder, to remove the decay whilst conserving virtually all of the healthy tooth.

Both treatments are exceedingly popular with patients who appreciate a quick and painless alternative to a tooth filling.

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