All-on-4 teeth

This hugely popular procedure can permanently replace an entire arch of teeth- either the upper or lower arches or both. It is the ultimate alternative to dentures or an ideal solution for patients who have missing or failing teeth.

It takes 4-6 implants to support an entire arch of teeth. With the help of our Laboratory Technician, you get to choose the shape and colour of your teeth that you feel best suit you.

The main procedure is usually done under sedation, which is administered by a fully qualified Anaesthetist and only takes one day, hence the terminology; teeth-in-a-day.

With the expert knowledge and experience of your Implantologist and the after care we provide, your teeth could last you a lifetime.

The benefits of Teeth In A Day/All-on-4 treatment

  1. You no longer have dentures that have to be removed at night.
  2. You are able to eat all your favourite foods again.
  3. Your taste improves as your palette is no longer covered by your denture.
  4. A great smile, which increases your confidence.
  5. It improves the structure of your face, which is anti-aging.
  6. If looked after as prescribed, will last you a lifetime.

The All-on-4 treatment journey

  1. Consultation
  2. Pre-op appointment
  3. The day of the procedure & fitting of your temporary bridge
  4. Your review appointment
  5. Fitting of your permanent bridge

Cost of All-on-4 treatment journey

Your consultation cost is £80, however should you decide to go ahead with the treatment, this amount will be deducted from your overall cost.

Initial Consultation

From £2000

X-rays / OPG

CT scan
From £120

Treatment plan


Bone grafting
From £350


One year warranty
Practice plan cover available

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