If you have missing or failing teeth or are having to wear inconvenient and uncomfortable dentures, which is stopping you smiling, enjoying your favourite foods or kissing with confidence, we can help you get your smile back in just one day.

The All-on-4 dental implant technique gives a patient a whole new set of teeth using only four implants, which is also more cost effective.

Qualifying patients receive a minimum of four implants and a full set of replacement teeth in just one appointment.

The treatment takes advantage of the dense bone in the front part of the jaw and places implants at an angle, providing greater stability than traditional approaches. So enabling patients to receive a fully fixed arch of non removable teeth on the upper or lower jaw, or indeed, both, on the same day.

Implants are placed while you sleep under sedation and the patient leaves the same day with fixed, non-removable replacement teeth.

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