Tooth filling FAQs

When will I need a filling?

When a tooth is decayed, chipped or worn, the most simple method of restoring it back to health and full function, is to do a filling.

What is a silver filling?

It is a material called amalgam, it contains silver zinc, copper and mercury. This is used to repair teeth in the back of the mouth.

Why don’t people want silver fillings?

It is unsightly and contains mercury which some people profess may have a negative influence on your health.

What is a white filling?

This is tooth coloured material, which can be matched exactly to your existing teeth. It has the same translucency and texture of your own teeth and that is why a lot of people prefer to have white fillings, as it is not as unsightly as the old silver fillings when you smile.

What do fillings cost?

The cost of fillings depends on the size of the filling needed. Our fillings start from £49.50 per filling.

What is a white filling or composite bonding?

This is a cosmetic technique that has revolutionised dentistry. It can transform a smile in just one visit. In normal speak, it is tooth coloured material used to restore teeth.

When is a white filling used?

To restore minor chips, close small gaps and hide areas of discolouration. It is also used to replace the silver fillings used in the past.

Why should I replace my silver fillings with white fillings?

You do not have to replace your silver fillings but there have been claims that the mercury in the silver fillings being the cause of headaches. Most patients replace their silver fillings for cosmetic reasons and prefer the tooth coloured material to the unsightly silver fillings.

What does it involve?

The tooth is roughly cleaned to remove any surface materials or stains and then roughened with a special tool to provide a better surface for the material to adhere to. The material is then applied to the tooth and worked until the desired shape, translucency and texture is achieved. Finally it is buffed and polished to achieve the perfect finish.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on how many surfaces are being restored. As a general rule, our costs are:
1 surface – £49.50-£99
2 surfaces – £99-£130
3 surfaces – £130-£180