Monthly Archives: March 2016

What does my dental hygienist do?

Many patients will make a visit to the dental hygienist, but for some, the role a hygienist plays in caring for teeth can remain a mystery. Some dentists might absorb the hygienist’s role … Read more >

Why do we get toothaches?

There are many reasons behind why we develop a toothache. Not all toothaches last long enough to warrant a trip to the dentist but how can we tell whether or not to … Read more >

Take the Crown

Crowns in the dental world might not be as glamorous as those owned by the queen but are none the less very important. Used to save teeth which have been decayed or … Read more >

6 Things to Know When Getting News Braces as a Musician

Whether you’re a professional or just getting started, if you play wind instruments you may be worried about how braces might affect the quality of your music and performance during treatment. Between … Read more >