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3 Reasons To Choose Corner House Dental Here In Norwich

Choosing the wrong dental practice can make a huge difference to your association with dentistry and with something as simple as going for a check-up. Here at Corner House, we understand that … Read more >

Six Month Smiles – The Brace That Can Straighten Teeth…. in Six Months

Short-term orthodontics is becoming more and more popular, especially for patients who wish to look their best for a forthcoming special occasion. Six Month Smiles & their properties As the name suggests, … Read more >

Treating Discoloured Teeth At Corner House Dental: Veneers, Teeth Whitening & Micro Abrasion

Treating a discoloured smile can make a huge difference to your future dental habits, emotional wellbeing and relationships with friends, family and colleagues. Here at Corner House we offer 3 different ways … Read more >

The World of Endodontics/Root Canals Explained