5 Signs Your Smile Needs Some TLC

Teeth are one of the most hardwearing parts of the human body – they’re actually stronger than steel! But even teeth have their Achilles Heel, developing problems as we age and as we make certain lifestyle choices. Here are a few things to look out for, that will indicate that your teeth might need a little extra attention and love.

Chronic bad breath

It’s normal to have bad breath on occasion, particularly after eating strong-flavoured foods and when you have a dry mouth, commonly caused by dehydration or from taking certain medications. However, if you’re finding you have persistent bad breath, it could be a sign of gum disease, caused by issues like improper brushing and flossing. Overtime, this neglect can lead to serious inflammation and bleeding gums.

Bleeding gums

This brings us to bleeding gums. If you’re noticing blood when you’re flossing or brushing, you should make an appointment to see the dentist right away. It may be that you need to make lifestyle changes like quitting smoking or improve your brushing and flossing techniques. If left untreated, gum disease can accelerate and require costly and complex intervention in the future, so it’s an investment to visit the hygienist as soon as possible.

White patches on your teeth

If you’ve noticed white spots or patches on your teeth, this could be a sign of a cavity or weakening tooth enamel. Decay commonly affects areas of your teeth you can’t see in the mirror, such as the back of your teeth. Regular dental appointments are vital in identifying these, so they can be treated promptly.

A darkening tooth

Another issue that often manifests itself with visual clues before any physical symptoms, is a damaged nerve. If a tooth begins to look darker than surrounding teeth, it could be a sign of nerve damage through trauma. Be aware that cavities can also appear as darkened patches on a tooth. Darkening of the teeth is something to seek professional advice for straight away.

Enduring sensitivity

It’s normal to experience some degree of sensitivity after consuming particularly hot or cold drinks. But, if you feel this is happening for several hours afterwards, it might be signs of a problem, such as the onset of a cavity or an uneven bite causing your teeth to wear down. Book an appointment with us if you notice this is happening often.

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