6 interesting ways to use floss that don’t involve teeth

Flossing is one of the most important things that you should remember to do on a daily basis in order to keep your teeth and gums in tip top condition.

But are you aware that floss can be used for different things and not just for oral health reasons?

Take a look at 6 interesting ways to use floss that don’t involve teeth:

Interesting ways to use floss - Corner House Dental

Use as shoelaces

When your favourite old pair of trainer laces have become too grubby, frayed or just snap on you, use that floss you keep in your pocket or handbag for emergencies as a substitute.  This is an ideal emergency solution so you can wear your trainers to the supermarket to buy some new laces.

Remove a ring that is stuck on your finger

This happens to most of us during some point in our lives.  When you have been wearing a ring for years and you have to take it off, that embarrassing moment when you find that you can’t get it off, is a really unpleasant experience.  Believe it or not, floss, yes that’s right dental floss, can help you get your ring off without having to cut it off.

Want to know how? Watch this video:

Support for climbing plants

Your dental floss can come in handy when you are growing plants.  How?  You can tie your plant against a tree and use floss to support the plant if you run out of string or cable ties.

Line dry clothing

Most people have tumble dryers, but others still like the way their clothes look after hanging them up to dry, or they are just frugal.  Nevertheless, if you run out of wire for hanging your clothes out to dry, replace it with floss.  Floss is very strong and most containers have over 40 yards of floss.

Remove stuck photos

Photo albums often go untouched for long periods of time, and that leaves them susceptible to sticking.  If you have photos that are stuck together, but you don’t want to rip them off for fear of destroying either of the two, use floss to separate them.  Slide the floss between the two photos and they should separate easily.

Removing baked food items from a tray

Have you ever baked a sheet of cookies and had trouble removing them from the tray without falling apart?  Use floss to separate the cookies, or whatever baked goods you may have made, from the sheet with relative ease.