Advances in Orthodontic Technology

The past few decades have seen dramatic advances in orthodontics, a field that began using animal parts such as intestine lining for bands and rocks for brackets! With new state-of-the-art technology, orthodontists can offer patients services and treatments that they never thought possible….

CT scanners

These are used in orthodontics for treatment and diagnosis. 3-D images of a patient’s jaw, skull or underlying bone structure provide a clear and in-depth image for an orthodontist to work with. The versatility of this state-of-the-art technology allows orthodontists to view your jaw from specific angles, providing a thorough evaluation with which to work. Cone beam CT scanners are a significant improvement to the older models which displayed a poorer quality image.

Different dental instruments and tools in a dentists office

Orthodontic miniscrews

A ground-breaking change to orthodontics was the introduction of surgical-grade titanium screws which help remove unwanted traction. They are inserted into the jaw so that orthodontists can guide teeth in a particular direction. An example of where these screws can benefit a patient is when front teeth are protruding or crowding other teeth. The front teeth are guided back by the mini-screws and are placed between the roots of a patient’s 1st molar and 2nd pre-molar, preventing the back teeth from moving forward.

Custom smile design

This custom smile design system allows orthodontists to incorporate 3-D treatment planning software into their treatment, as well as create custom wires and brackets that suit each patient’s appliances. This is otherwise known as Insignia software.

The software presents a 3-D model of an impression. With this, orthodontists can make amends to the design more easily and show the patient the finished result. Brackets and archwires are then made and fitted to the teeth using placement guides, allowing for a high level of indirect bonding.

Clear brackets

In an image-aware society, this is perhaps one of the most significant changes in orthodontics, especially in the 21st century. Clear braces have allowed those who are self-conscious about their appearance changing whilst undergoing treatment, to maintain their confidence throughout. Clear braces eliminate the ‘metal mouth’ look and put convenience and comfort above all. You can also avoid the irritation that can come with brackets and archwires by choosing an aligner-based treatment instead of a fixed braces treatment.

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