Attend Your Routine Appointments – Even If Your Smile Feels Fine!

With the new restrictions legally in place from Wednesday (6th January), we’re all staying at home a little while longer, but this time, there’s a crucial difference – the vaccine rollout is well and truly happening. The other good news is (unlike during the March lockdown) dental practices will be open for routine check-up appointments. Today we thought we would run through how important these are, even if you feel your smile is healthy.

Hygienist appointments and preventing gum disease

Hygienists are gum experts and can offer wisdom on how to brush and floss correctly, as well as meticulously remove staining from your tooth surfaces. You should aim to see the hygienist at least once a year, to have a routine cleaning appointment, as this will greatly reduce your chances of developing periodontal disease, an advanced form of gum disease that can require complex, repeated treatments.

Routine appointments could save your life

One of the roles a dentist has is to identify any signs of mouth cancer and spotting these early is vital in increasing your chances of a full recovery. With this in mind, attending a routine appointment has the potential to save your life.

The importance of dental X-rays  

One of the common practices carried out by your dentist during a routine is a dental x-ray, particularly if it’s been a while since you attended. X-rays have a host of benefits including identifying the position of unerupted teeth, a small crack in a tooth that’s symptomless and whether teeth are growing properly below the gum. They can also check for bone loss and cysts.

Appointments can help ditch bad habits

Sometimes, breaking a habit just takes a little nudge from a professional, who can warn you of the dangers, whilst also encouraging and supporting you. It also might be that you haven’t noticed the negative effects of bad lifestyle, but your dentist can when they examine you. Being aware of this inconspicuous damage has the potential to set you on the path you need to maintain healthier teeth and gums.

Hold on to your natural teeth for longer  

Routine dental and hygienist appointments will undoubtedly better your chances to maintaining your real teeth for longer. A dentist’s aim to is always to salvage a tooth, though in some cases, in the interests of the a patient’s health and when a root canal is no longer an option, extraction is necessary. Avoid the need for root canal treatment and extraction by getting checked out, so your dentist can check for infections, damage, cavities and cracks, whilst your hygienist checks for gum inflammation and plaque and tartar staining.