The benefits of having a root canal 

Root canal treatment is also known as endodontics. When the nerve and bloody supply of a tooth becomes infected due to injury or decay, an abscess can occur, causing sharp and relentless pains. Root canals remove any dead tissue, sterilising the area as a result and preventing further complications and infection.


Dental medicine: Tooth cut or section isolated over black background

Contrary to what many believe, a root canal is a simple procedure. The procedure is not too dissimilar to having a filling placed. Your dentist will make a small hole in your tooth so that the dead tissue can be removed and a crown or filling can be placed over the top.

Root canals relieve pain. Infected tooth pulp can be very painful, especially if it left untreated for too long. Some of the causes of root canal are:

  • Severe toothache.
  • unnatural/unsavoury taste in your mouth.
  • tenderness/uncomfortable sensitivity.
  • swelling around your jaw tissue and gum.
  • trouble chewing.

Root canal therapy will stop these uncomfortable symptoms from continuing:

  • Spare a damaged/diseased tooth from extraction. Leaving a pulp infection untreated will disrupt your tooth’s position within your jaw and and affect its structure. This could lead to your tooth falling out of its own accord or it could be damaged to the point where an extraction is necessary. Your dentist here at Cornerhouse will always do whatever possible to avoid extraction.
  • Aesthetic improvements. Your tooth can sustain cracks or become darker in colour due to fracture, decay or infection. Here at Cornerhouse your endodontist will use a hardwearing, tooth-coloured bonding material which will give your tooth a natural finish. A custom made crown will be made to go over the top, securing your tooth.
  • Improve your overall health. An infected tooth can cause and lead to more serious problems. Failing to get your tooth treated can result in bacteria finding its way to surrounding teeth and gums and in serious cases, affect other areas of your body.

A root canal will also allow you to enjoy your food as you will have your full chewing ability back, which will in turn, improve your digestion.


If you would like further information about root canal treatment click here. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to talk about possible treatments for a decayed or damaged tooth.