The best time for your child to visit the dentist


One of the questions asked by new parents is when is the best time for my child to visit the dentist?

With recent reports claiming that many children in the UK are suffering from tooth decay and are even hospitalised, it’s even more important to make sure that your child visits the dentist from an early age so they can benefit from an education in oral health as well as being less likely to have a fear of going to the dentist.

Man dentists claim that you should start taking your child to the dentist as soon as their teeth start coming through, which can be anytime from 6 months onwards. Usually by the age of three or four most children will have all their milk teeth so they shouldn’t need much dental care at this stage.

Children usually have 20 milk teeth. They start to push through the gums (erupt) at about six months. However, this can vary from four months to over 12 months. Most children have all 20 teeth by the age of two or three.

 On your child’s first visit to the dentist they will have an examination to see how their teeth are growing in. You want them to start going to the dentist at a young age to get them used to the process, since they will go in for their six month check-ups twice a year as they get older.

Your child’s milk teeth are important for eating, speech, smiling and confidence. Children with healthy teeth are also more likely to have healthy teeth as adults.

Many parent avoid going to the dentist themselves because of fear and are then forced to go when they are in pain so make sure that your child doesn’t suffer the same experience.

You might want to start taking your child before that happens so your children get used to going to the dentist and know what to expect and you might also want to educate them from an early age so they are less likely to develop future dental problems as they get older and your dentist can monitor your children’s teeth as they grow.

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