The thought of getting braces can be a frightening one. However, orthodontry has come a long way since the clumsy braces of old. Here at Cornerhouse, we offer specialist orthodontics to our patients. Now, there are a range of options available to those who want to straighten their teeth using braces. Braces nowadays aim to be discreet and to give speedy results. At Cornerhouse, we offer Six Months Smiles for adults, which will give you straighter teeth in just six months.

Braces are a way of improving and altering the appearance and position of your teeth. They can be used to sort:

  • crooked teeth
  • overcrowded mouths
  • gaps between teeth
  • overbites and underbites
  • overjets (where the top teeth stick out)
  • crossbites (if the teeth bite on the wrong side of each other)
  • openbite (where your teeth don’t meet together when biting)

Getting braces isn’t just a way of achieving a more attractive smile. It’s also a way of improving the following:

  • Chewing: when your teeth are repositioned, you will have a more effective bite
  • Oral hygiene: a neater mouth means less hiding places for food debris, which the bacteria in your mouth will feed on
  • Speech: your new mouth may help your clarity of speech and diction

If you think that braces could be an appropriate solution for you, give us a call on 01603 621613 or book an appointment online.