Patients at Corner House Dental can look forward to longer hygienist appointments



Patients at Corner House Dental can now look forward to longer  hygienist appointments , as the current time will increase from half an hour to an hour.

Following recent research and listening to our hygienists we have made a decision to increase our hygiene appointment times.

Here is some information on what this change means for you as one of our patients, as well as some useful tips on oral hygiene.

More time means more interaction. To help improve your overall oral hygiene our hygienists require the time to help you understand the necessary steps to overcome the problems identified in during your appointment. Ensuring you remain healthy after the appointment is a primary concern of ours.

Our dentists and hygienists will be able to either:

• Help you to get rid of your gum inflammation completely and move you onto a maintenance programme, or

• Create a new treatment plan specific to your needs, which will support you on your oral hygiene journey. Working with our dentists, the plan will be designed to get rid of your gum inflammation and improve your overall health.

Why do I need to see a hygienist, can my dentist not do this?

We prefer patients to see the hygienist for their gum care. Their sessions are specifically designed to be much more than just a simple scale and polish; these appointments focus on caring for your gums and improving your health. They provide you with specialist advice and help with instructions, demos and discussions about caring for your gums and general health.

Close working relationships to help transform your oral health

Our dentists and hygienists liaise with one another to ensure your treatment plan is successful. Collaboration is at the heart of achieving better care for your teeth and improving your general health.

At CHD we believe that dentistry has advanced to more than just filling and drilling, and a scale and polish. Visiting us twice a year for a health check, and your hygienist for your gums, will ensure we prevent any risks from developing into a problem.