Corner House Dental: Transforming Your Smile and Your Confidence

The most fulfilling part of our role as dentists here at Corner House Dental, is seeing the transformative difference treatment can bring, particularly to patients who have previously been unhappy with their smiles for many years.

Even improving small aspects of your teeth to go a long way to inspire confidence and change the way you speak and eat each day. Meanwhile restorative treatment and full mouth rehabilitation can completely transform your oral health for life.

Below, we’re exploring some of the ways in which we can help you improve the appearance of your smile, with a view to helping you to feel happier and more confident in your day-to-day life.


Enhance your smile

Chips, cracks, blemishes and discolouration (no matter how minor) can leave your feel self-conscious each time you open your mouth to smile, kiss, eat or speak. Improving the appearance of even a single tooth (particularly one that’s very visible when you smile), can bring harmony to the rest of your smile.

We offer treatments including veneers and composite bonding here in Norwich, which are extremely popular for improving cosmetic flaws with individual teeth. Here are a few must-knows if you’re weighing up your options:  

Composite bonding is:

  • Speedy, taking only a single appointment to perform.
  • Cost-effective.
  • An anaesthesia-free procedure.
  • Produces an extremely authentic result.

Veneers are:

  • Highly aesthetic in their ability to mimic the appearance of real tooth enamel, thanks to the porcelain from which they’re made. 
  • Resistant to stains and cracks.
  • Extremely durable – they can last for up to 15 years.
  • Suitable for closing small gaps in your smile as an alternative to braces.  

Complete your smile

Replacing missing teeth is one of the best things you can do for your health. Even one missing tooth can throw your chewing ability out of sync, forcing pressure onto other teeth that wouldn’t normally be charged with breaking down food. Ultimately, this can lead to tooth wear, which affects how your teeth chew food sin the future, as well as the aesthetic of your smile.

Missing teeth also cause a multitude of other problems ranging from reducing your desire to smile, hollowing the cheek area due to loss of jawbone, inhibiting your speaking ability and causing your teeth to shift out of place and require orthodontic treatment to correct this.

Dental implants are:

  • A fixed and often permanent way of replacing missing teeth. 
  • The only way to ensure your jawbone stays healthy.
  • Placed by dentists here in Norwich who possess years of experience in implantology.
  • A means to eat a wider variety of food again.

Dentures are:  

  • A cost-effective solution to replacing multiple missing teeth.
  • A commonly-used way of replacing missing teeth.
  • A tooth replacement treatment that will fill out your lips and cheeks and reverse a sunken appearance to this area.
  • Now made to be more lightweight and comfortable than ever before. Dentures can be made from a wide variety of materials, and your dentist here in Norwich will take you through your options, so you can both come to a decision that suits you and your budget.

Bridges are:

  • Designed to ‘bridge’ the gaps in your teeth.
  • Made from precious metal such as gold, and covered with porcelain, which is a fantastic match for real teeth.
  • Permanent alternative to dentures.
  • Easy to look after.
  • Fixed in place and therefore make it easy to eat a variety of foods.

Restore your smile

Sometimes, decay can strike and leave you needing treatment in the form of a filling or a crown. These types of restorative treatments are essential in protecting your smile from needing more serious treatment in the future.

We offer treatments including fillings and crowns here in Norwich, to get your smile back in good health. When decay is present, it’s important to have your tooth cleaned out and restored as soon as possible.

Fillings are:

  • Commonly used in dentistry to stop decay in its tracks.
  • Prevent decay from turning into a serious risk to your teeth.
  • More aesthetic than ever before. We can offer composite white fillings to offer a discreet solution.

Crowns are:

  • Hand crafted by our skilled dental technician, specially for your smile.
  • Made from a natural-looking ceramic that’s highly aesthetic and durable.
  • Suitable when a filling isn’t sufficient.
  • Able to last an average of 10-20 years with good care.

Straighten your smile

Over the past couple of decades, many more adults have gravitated towards getting their teeth straightened. One of the main reasons for this is the flexibility of the braces on offer today. With treatments such as Six Month Smiles and Invisalign in Norwich at Corner House Dental, it’s never been easier, nor less invasive to straighten your teeth.

Braces are:

  • A means of achieving healthier teeth. Without unnatural gaps, your teeth will be easier to clean and floss.
  • The pathway to a beautiful smile. Crowded, gappy and misaligned teeth can all affect the aesthetic of the whole face. Braces produce a fuller and more symmetrical smile.

We help many patients correct their smiles with braces every year here in Norwich. Don’t take our word for it – listen to some patient testimonials here.

If you’re looking for a reputable dentist in Norwich, look no further than Corner House dental. Contact us today, to transform your smile, and to maintain great dental health, overseen by experienced professionals.