Cornerhouse Dental December – Going into 2017 with healthy teeth

Christmas is a time full of gastronomic goodness, which can make it difficult to keep your teeth healthy. Perhaps you’ve neglected your teeth a little over the last few months and you’re looking to start afresh? We have a few tips for you going into 2017, so that you can start the year with a healthy vision and adopt some good habits when it comes to your teeth and your oral health….



  • Don’t forget about the hygienist. Many patients forget about the role a hygienist has to play in their dental healthcare routine. The roles of a hygienist and a dentist differ and the two work together playing different parts in helping you maintain healthy teeth. A dental hygienist’s role is to aid you in preventing decay and to deep clean your teeth, removing any tenacious plaque and tartar staining your teeth and threatening gum disease. It’s important to have this type of staining removed, as it builds up on your tooth enamel and can cause periodontitis if left untreated. Your dentist’s role is to treat and prevent problems affecting your teeth including any dental and oral disease as well as correct dental complications. Each has a role to play in your dental health care.
  • Why not benefit from teeth whitening? Teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment that can help you ‘reset’ your dental health and tooth aesthetics going into the new year. If you’ve let your dental health go a little, teeth whitening is a great way to regain a bit of confidence and get your smiling again.
  • Buy a timer or an electric toothbrush. If you feel you’re not brushing your teeth for the recommended 2 minutes twice a day, why not invest in a timer? Keep it in the bathroom next to your toothbrush and it can become a regimental part of your oral health routine, helping you to brush your teeth for a healthy amount of time. Electric toothbrushes also have built-in timers designed to help you brush for the right amount of time. They’re also more effective than normal toothbrushes in removing food particles from in-between your teeth and can cover more of your tooth surfaces.
  • Floss floss floss! Did you know that in brushing with a normal toothbrush alone you neglect around 30% of your tooth surfaces? Flossing is an effective way of reaching the stubborn bits of food that become lodged between your teeth.



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