Crowns, Bridges and Bonding

Here at Cornerhouse, crowns, bridges and bonding are just some of the treatments we have available. Here, we outline the key facts about each process so that you can decide which would most suit your news.


These are artificial restorations that are placed over your teeth. They are also referred to as ‘caps’. It will return chipped teeth to their original shape, while strengthening them in the process. It is a painless procedure that will on average last for ten to twenty years – dental cement is used to attached the crown. Crowns are a way of ensuring chipped or worn teeth are no longer a source of worry for you.


These are artificial teeth which are attached between two of your own teeth, so filling in a gap. Bridges have a porcelain cover so that they can be exactly matched to the shape of your natural teeth. When a bridge is fitted, the teeth either side are crowned so that the three all fit neatly together. For this reason, a bridge will not stand out and will look natural. They are a permanent alternative to dentures – a way of ensuring that missing teeth no longer dent your confidence.


During the bonding process, your teeth will be prepped with an etching solution. Special composite resin materials will be applied to your teeth. These materials are similar to those used in white fillings so you can rest assured about the high quality of the finish. The process ensures that the bonding looks completely natural – the resin shade is matched to the colour of your teeth and then shaped and polished for a perfect fit.

If you would like to know more about any of the above procedures, please give us a call on 01603 621613.