The Dental Myths You Need To Know About

It’s so easy to turn to the internet when it comes to your health, and not uncommon to come across contradictory information and even misinformation! With this in mind, we thought we’d put together a piece on some of the most prevalent oral hygiene myths and why you should steer well clear of them!

Myth No.1: Wet your toothpaste before brushing

WRONG! As toothpaste already contains water, wetting your brush will dilute its efficacy when you clean your teeth.

Myth No.2: Rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash after brushing  

WRONG! Think of your teeth like mini sponges that absorb the healthy ingredients in toothpaste. With this in mind, rinsing your mouth immediately after brushing will hinder this absorption, rendering brushing less effective. Simple spit excess toothpaste out after brushing instead.

Myth No.3: After eating, brush straight away

WRONG! Leave around 30 minutes after eating before brushing. Why? When you eat and drink, the pH level in your mouth shifts, leaving it more acidic. In brushing immediately after food and drink (with the exception of water), you’re distributing the acid around your mouth, leaving you more susceptible to damage and tooth erosion. One of the biggest culprits for this is alcohol (especially red wine) so make sure you set an alarm after drinking and try to avoid the temptation of brushing straight away and popping off to bed!

Myth No.4: Brush hard and fast

WRONG! Brushing like it’s going out of fashion means you’re actually damaging your tooth surfaces and you risk gum recession which can actually lead to tooth loss. Receding gums result in pockets forming between your tooth and gum, making it easy for bacteria to build up. In the worst case scenario, your teeth’s supporting structures and bones can become severely damaged and warrant the need for extraction.

Myth No.5: Avoid coming into contact when you brush

WRONG! Whilst it’s true that you shouldn’t brush your gums alone, you should be brushing along your gum line, as this is where plaque builds up. During your hygienist appointment here at Corner House, we can show you the best brushing technique for your tooth structure.

Whilst we aren’t’ yet able to see patient for routine hygienist and dentist appointments, we would urge that when restrictions are lifted, you book in for a check-up. In the meantime, take a look at our blog Looking After Your Smile During Lockdown.